Hello one and all,

Just got back to Vancouver after a crazy few days. Played a charity up at Casino Rama which was really fun. Had the whole band with horns and all for that show and the Navy ships the next day in Halifax. We then went flew to Toronto where I played an acoustic set with my friend Chris Caddell supporting Steve Miller at the Molson Amphitheatre.

Wasn’t sure how an acoustic thing would be received at that venue but the people were awesome and were very receptive to it. Then, much to my surprise Steve Miller asked me to join him as soon as I got off the stage for 4 songs almost right at the start of his set. He’s a class act and was totally generous and fantastic. We talked guitars and amps and about our favorite players. Turned into a great time.

I then ran downtown in the hopes of catching Mavis Staples at the Jazz Festival. I just got there in time for the last song where she called me up to play with her fantastic band. We played “I’ll Take You There” and at least I got to hear one of the most distinctive and soulful voices known to man for at least one song. I’ve known Mavis and Yvonne for quite a few years now and she is always so kind and lovely to me. She sang on my song Freedom many years ago when I recorded in the Bahamas and she came down there. My parents were big fans of the Staple Singers so I grew up on her voice.

To cap my Toronto night off, I ran into James Cotton when returning to my hotel and had the chance to say hello and chat a little. We had played to gather on the Downchild anniversary show earlier this year at Massey Hall. Anyway it was a perfect Toronto night.

Playing here and there through summer and I’m actually heading over to Norway to play the Notodden Blues Festival in Norway as a guest of Downchild in early August. Should be fun. We are starting to plan the next recording and I like where we are going with it so….. I guess that’s about it for now.

Have a great summer,
Colin James

A Tribute to the Music of the Mississippi Sheiks

Hi everyone, hope your doing well.

I played a few songs in a two night event featuring songs of the Mississippi Sheiks this last weekend. What a riot. Vancouver producer and musician Steve Dawson put this together and did a fantastic job keeping a ton of musicians on stage at the right time and in the right key.
John Hammond, Dave Alvin, Geoff Muldaur, Van Dyke Parks, Bob Brozman, Jim Byrnes and a host of other fabulous artists. Each played 3 songs or so a night and then often played together as well to make a really interesting show. I have been a huge fan of John Hammond for years and although we’ve met a number of times over that time, I had never played on stage with him so it was a real honour. What a gentleman. Geoff Muldaur was great and if you don’t know his singing, he sang on the Paul Butterfield Blues Band’s Better Days recording years ago. Great singer.

The house band was fantastic and I had a really good time. Well I guess that’s it for now.

Talk soon,

Colin James nominated for a 2010 Indie Award!

Colin James has been nominated for a 2010 Indie Award for Favourite Blues Artist/Group

Here are the nominees:

Colin James (MapleMusic)
Colin Linden (True North Records)
Harrison Kennedy (Electro-Fi)
Jim Byrnes (Black Hen)
Monkey Junk (Beefy Productions)

For more information click here:

The End of a Great Tour!

Well, I’m back in Vancouver in the middle of the Olympic madness and it’s great to be home. It is unbelievably warm these days anyway. Wow!

So much going on here it’s hard to believe. The Canadian/Somalia artist K’naan along with Universal Music and World Vision and many many others got together to re record his song Waving Flag with all proceeds going to Haiti. I got to catch up with Kathleen Edwards, Serena Ryder, Sam Roberts, Tom Cochrane and many others. Cool to see everyone rally together and donate their energies. I sang along with everyone on the chorus and it was lots of fun.

We ended the shows in beautiful Victoria at the Royal Theater and the audience was awesome. Always slightly bittersweet to end a run although we are still doing some shows here around the Olympics.

I want to thank everyone who came out and supported our shows across the country. It feels good to know that I have friends in every province in Canada and I’m so glad I get to see you every couple of years or so. Coast to coast it always astounds me how much we have in common as Canadians. When you think of the miles (or should I say kilometers ), that separate us, …. it’s pretty cool .

Hopefully we’ll have an idea of how Spring/Summer is shaping up as far as shows go and we’ll be coming to your town soon.

Again thanks for supporting live music,

See you soon,

Thunder Bay – Toronto – Victoria!

Thanks Thunder Bay for the show last night. Great Venue.

Today I made my way from Thunder Bay to Toronto where I filmed a spot on ‘The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos’ for TONIGHT’S SHOW… Don’t miss it.

I’m now making my way back to the West Coast.

Victoria comin at ya!

In Halifax!

Enjoying the east coast and the people we’ve met all the way.Enjoyed playing in Charlottetown although we arrived in the bus 1 minute before show time as we had a bit of bus trouble.

We’re having a great time in Halifax and play our second show tomorrow.

Even managed to grab a bite at the Press Gang Restaurant tonight .   Very Good.
We’re off to Thunder Bay next and then start heading back west for our Victoria shows. Looking forward to that for sure.

Till then,

Hello from Moncton!

Hello from Moncton! We arrived here last night for the last shows of the eastern swing.

We had a great time in Montreal where we did two shows in one night!


Ottawa folks were fantastic and although I was worried I was going to lose my voice, it seemed to come back about 5 minutes before the show.

Gave me quite a scare.

Four of us the band are now completely hooked to Playstation NHL 10 and have to have surgery on our hands now from over use. Ok that’s not true………….(little bit true though) I have survived the playoffs so far and am holdiing down last place coming into my next rounds. Go Canucks!

Looks like I might be going to New Zealand at the beginning of next month for 5 days. Should be interesting.

All for now,


In Toronto!

I’m in Toronto after finishing the show tonight in Kitchener. Nice hall and great enthusiastic audience tonight. We are having a great time playing and as always look forward to playing massey hall tomorr…hey .. wait…..what time is it? Oh… Today.YIKES!

Better get to bed.

I guess that’s about it. Pretty mild out here in Toronto…. so far touring in winter hasn’t been too bad.

Peace out!


5 Shows in!

Hello one and all. I’ve been so busy preparing for this tour, I’ve forgotten to write something. We are 5 shows in now and played in Vancouver last night. What a crowd!! Thank you so much to everyone that has come out so far. We’ve got a great bus driver (and bus) with us and the crew are doing a great job getting everything ticking.

Felt like we gelled as a band tonight and that from now on we can start honing in on having fun and playing the music. Suzy McNeil sounds great so make sure you catch her show. She has a beautiful voice.

Can’t wait to see you there!!!!!