My Holidays and 2011 So Far… – Colin James

My Holidays and 2011 So Far…

My Holidays and 2011 So Far…

Happy new year to all and I hope things have started well for you this year.

We had a super nice relaxed Christmas until around the 28th of December when I went to Maui to meet and play with Mick Fleetwood. He was a real gentleman and I got to play Black Magic Women and Shake Your Money Maker with him and his band at a show in Lanai, and a couple days later at a  New Years charity show featuring…. wait for it….Mick Fleetwood and Band, 2 Doobie Brothers, 1 Nickleback , Alice Cooper, James Hetfield of Metallica , …..oh yeah….. and me. I also met Mick Fleetwood’s mother which was a huge honor.

We might have a chance to play some more music down the line so it was great to finally get together. Guess we’ll see what happens there. After that I got to hang out a bit , get some sun, and road biked almost everyday .

Then it was right back to work here in Vancouver where I got to record a couple songs with Bob Rock.
It was a blast to work again with Bob after so many years. He lends a super chill vibe in the studio and gets fantastic guitar sounds. We had some vintage 60’s Marshall heads and my trusty Matchless as well. Also used my brand new black custom shop 59’ reissue strat for the first time which has kind of become my temporary fave. (It’s awesome!)

My blue guitars are jealous.

Stay tuned for a special announcement on Monday January 24th regarding those new songs!

So that’s all for now,

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