Howdy howdy howdy howdy… – Colin James

Howdy howdy howdy howdy…

Howdy howdy howdy howdy…

Thought I’d start out all “western like” with the howdy.

Hmmmm… Well the record came out on October 6th and it’s been fun to hear something rocking on the radio!

Wavelength went to radio a few days ago and it’s starting it’s run while Man’s Gotta Be A Stone winds down. Lost Again is getting some play as well, and entered the AC chart this week so here’s hoping it has a good go of it. Please make sure to request the song at your local station!

I moved after years in the same place so that was a huge endeavor. Moving sucks! Really happy with the new place mind you and change is good.

Don’t know if I ever want to move again although , I know I will. What a stressful deal that is !!! It’s all just stuff though and not that important in the grand scheme really.

I went to Paris for a quick trip the other day after playing a private show in Toronto and had an awesome time. I stayed in the Marais and just walked around checking out galleries , window shopping and hanging out in crisp, sunny weather.

I had a great time joining Downchild Blues Band’s 40th anniversary show at Massey Hall a couple nights ago. Thought their show was fantastic and really enjoyed meeting James Cotton and his wife. I’ve been checking out old footage of James Cotton lately and reacquainting myself with his fantastic playing.

Dan Aykroyd was a great emcee and it was fun hanging out with him a bit and playing on stage together as well.

Of course had a chance to catch up with Colin Linden who opened and played during the night’s show and Tom Wilson who hung out for a bit.

Tons of fun.

Thanks to everyone that bought VIP packages and/or tickets for the shows in 2010, looking forward to seeing you! Reminder if you haven’t got your tickets yet, please do! Check the tour section for details.

Anyway, I guess that’s it for now and see you soon,

Colin James