Hello out there in cyberland – Colin James

Hello out there in cyberland

Hello out there in cyberland

A little update is in order I’m sure. I’ve been getting ready to record for a while and have been writing songs with my good friend Tom Wilson out in Hamilton as well as others. We’ll be recording here in Vancouver at the Warehouse starting in May, with a release date of late September 2009. Mike Fraser is engineering fresh off the new AC/DC recording and I’m pumped about that. The band will consist of the usual CJ suspects and I can’t wait to get at it!

If you’re in Vancouver, keep your spidy senses sharp as there will be a small venue, filmed performance of new songs from the release recorded for CBC radio and TV, sometime in July.

Summer seems to finally be on it’s way, thank heaven.

Anyway… guess that’s about it for now… more to come, soon.

Take care,
Colin James