Hello from Moncton! – Colin James

Hello from Moncton!

Hello from Moncton!

Hello from Moncton! We arrived here last night for the last shows of the eastern swing.

We had a great time in Montreal where we did two shows in one night!


Ottawa folks were fantastic and although I was worried I was going to lose my voice, it seemed to come back about 5 minutes before the show.

Gave me quite a scare.

Four of us the band are now completely hooked to Playstation NHL 10 and have to have surgery on our hands now from over use. Ok that’s not true………….(little bit true though) I have survived the playoffs so far and am holdiing down last place coming into my next rounds. Go Canucks!

Looks like I might be going to New Zealand at the beginning of next month for 5 days. Should be interesting.

All for now,